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Modern bout of “The Dirty Word” examines bisexual jargon and its relation to erasure – HelloGigglesHelloGiggles

Our very own contemporary lexicon is full of terms that originated from lgbt tradition.




, and


basically many terms that came from the gay community, with brands like

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from the lesbian society. Yet many of us do not know any bisexual jargon, that is certainly fairly odd whenever you think about this.

During the most recent episode of
The Dirty keyword, Amanda Montell invites three bisexual visitors
to fairly share bisexual jargon, and just how the deficiency of coverage and academia encompassing this topic
pertains to bisexual erasure
. Contained in this episode,
we discover new terms,
acquire a brand new perspective, and then leave with a new knowledge in the union between awareness, acceptance, and language.


The Dirty keyword has already established an episode about lesbian slang before, but that one ended up being a bit different.

Within event, Amanda’s guests just take turns claiming bisexual slang following have Amanda (the “token direct girl”) do you know what each phrase indicates.

Did you know “the queen’s threesome” is a threesome with one girl and two guys? Or that a “unicorn” is actually a bisexual lady whom just rests with a straight couple if they’re with each other, without any mental participation? There’s a multitude of slang that is hardly discussed within the right, and also LGBTQIA+, community.

After a couple of more terms, like “direct girl sweets,” ¬†another phrase comes up that helps explain the decreased exposure around bisexuality: erasure.¬†Bisexual erasure means that people who identify as bisexual tend to be dismissed, disregarded, and, yes, erased because a lot of people and institutions don’t think their thoughts tend to be valid.

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For the movie, certainly Amanda’s friends tends to make a significant point, claiming,

“Absolutely lgbt exposure and conversations, and bisexual is it afterthought. Whenever happened to be claiming, there’s not academic book for bi folks. In my opinion element of it comes from idea that bisexuals are confused, that they’re a confused right lady or a confused find local gay guys.

Bisexuality is actually the best intimate direction, as legitimate as being gay, directly, lesbian, or other things. By delivering exposure as to what it means is bisexual, the language surrounding it, and exactly why it’s

perhaps not

an afterthought, we shall still go the discussion onward, with a few assistance from talks like this few days’s The Dirty keyword.


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