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I Cut White Diamond Wedding Rings Out of My Life. Here’s What Happened

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When I was younger, I had a lot of money. My parents always told me that there was no point in spending money on things that didn’t make me happy. So when I got married, we bought our dream home in the suburbs and filled it with furniture and décor that would make us smile every day. This year marked my tenth wedding anniversary—and by then, our marriage had already been winding down for years.

Explain why you decided to cut white diamond wedding rings out of your life.

When I decided to cut my engagement ring out of my life, it was a decision I made in the wake of the United States vote for Donald Trump as president.

I wanted to make some changes in my life and thought this would be one way to do so. My husband actually proposed with a platinum band Wedding Rings Online that had been gifted to him by his father, who worked at Tiffany’s when he was younger. The idea of cutting this beautiful piece of jewelry off my finger seemed like an easy way to show how much I valued our relationship and how happy we were together–and then I realized that if I did this right away (before proposing), no one would really know what happened!

Describe the process you went through to make the decision to cut out diamond rings.

I started my process by taking a look at the white diamond ring I had been wearing for more than five years. I realized that it wasn’t the right fit for me anymore, but I was reluctant to get rid of a beautiful piece of jewelry that had been with me through so many hard times.

I decided to take a step back from the decision and think about what would happen if I were to sell my wedding band without being attached it to any other value at all. Would anyone buy it? Would they want me to give away something so important?

After asking myself these questions over and over again, I knew there had to be another way out!

Share the reactions you received from family, friends, and society after making the decision.

Share your reactions to the decision. What did your family and friends think of it? How did society react to your decision?

Many people will wonder why you made Wedding Rings For Men this choice, especially if they’re not familiar with the topic of diamond engagement rings. It’s important for you to explain how this ring can continue to be meaningful for both of you even after marriage–and also why having a diamond wedding band is still an option when choosing a ring design or setting style that doesn’t include diamonds.

Reflect on the positive and negative aspects of cutting out diamond rings from your life.

It’s important to reflect on the positive and negative aspects of cutting out diamond rings from your life.


  • You will have more time for yourself, which means more time for spending with friends and family.
  • You can spend less money on jewelry because you don’t have any extra cash lying around.


  • You may feel sad about losing the physical object that represents a piece of your love story with a partner or spouse.–This could be particularly true if this was a gift from someone special in your life and they’re no longer around–or if it was something that symbolized how long they’ve been together since their first date/hookup/etc., etc., etc..

Discuss the impact this decision had on your relationship with yourself, your partner, and your lifestyle.

  • How did it affect your relationship with yourself?
  • How did it affect your relationship with your partner?
  • We were both very unhappy. I felt like Wedding Rings Sets For Him and Her I had let him down, and he thought that all his hard work over the past few years of marriage was going to go down the drain because of one decision that he never would have made if he’d known about my cancer before we got married. He felt like he had been dragged into something that was unfair and out of his control. We went through a lot of counseling as a couple before finally deciding to divorce after nearly five years together.*

Examine the implications of your decision, both socially and financially.

While cutting white diamond wedding rings might seem like the best option for you at this point in life, there are some things to consider before making a rash decision. How will your partner feel? What about your family? And what about friends who have been with you through thick and thin over the years?

Explain how your decision has made you feel now that you’ve had some time to reflect on it.

You have to be honest with yourself about what you’ve learned from this experience. Have you gained more clarity or perspective on your relationship? Has it made you think differently about marriage, commitment, and love? Have you realized any new skills or behaviors that can help in the long run? These are some important questions to ask yourself as an individual and as a couple.

Your partner should also be able to answer these same sorts of questions after reflecting on their own decisions (and before making another Diamond Wedding Rings On Sale decision). It’s important for both partners to have these conversations together because they’re based on mutual understanding and respect; otherwise, things will get derailed quickly when one person tries to make another person wrong without giving them room for dialogue first!

Discuss how you plan to move forward with your life now that you’ve made this change.

If you’re still wearing your ring and not feeling any guilt about it, then great! You can continue doing so. But if you’re ready to move on and no longer wear the engagement ring, there are still a lot of ways that this could work out in your favor.

If you decide not to sell or give away your Wedding Rings Near Me wedding bands at all–or if they were given as an engagement gift but aren’t right for either of you anymore–you can keep them around for sentimental reasons but don’t have any obligation whatsoever towards them. This allows people who may have been interested in purchasing one from yours when first proposed (like friends) or potential buyers later down the road (if ever). If someone does want their own set now that yours is gone though? Well, then chances are good that person will go ahead with buying them anyways because why wouldn’t they?

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